December 19

A Big Thankyou!

Dear 3L families & carers,

I cannot believe that 2019 is nearly at an end!  Thank you for your support over the course of the year.  It has been a pleasure to teach your children and share a small part of their learning journey.  As I look around the classroom at the end of the year, I can see how much the children have grown as individuals and as learners.  I will miss them all but I know they will thrive in Grade 4!

Thank you for your generous gifts and Christmas wishes – not at all necessary but very much appreciated!

I wish you all the very best for a safe and happy holiday and I hope you enjoy a much deserved break with family and friends.

Kind regards



December 15

Week 11

Hi 3L, Parents & Carers,

Just a couple of reminders as we head into our final week of school for 2019. It will be fun-filled and I’m looking forward to enjoying the final week with you all.

Monday – Meet the Teacher for 2020 (Session 2)

Wednesday – Class Party! (As per the note sent home on Friday)

In the spirit of sharing, we invite students to each bring a share plate in addition to their usual lunch item.

We have a number of students with allergies to the foods listed (Nuts, Kiwi fruit, dairy including egg, lentils, gluten) and we request that any homemade contributions come with the ingredients listed.

Thursday – Mr. Jackson’s Movie Day

Friday – Final Day of School (early dismissal after assembly)

Thank you!


December 8

Week 10 Reminders

Hi 3L,

Some reminders for Week 10!

I am looking forward to a fun second last week of 2019!

MONDAY – Carols Night (Cross your fingers and toes for some good weather and don’t forget your voices!).  You are welcome to come wearing any Xmas t-shirts, headbands etc but no need to buy anything specially.

TUESDAY – Day in the Life – Step up to Grade 4! (First 4 sessions of the day – the roll will be marked in the classroom first)

FRIDAY – Last Swimming Lesson

****REMINDER: Mr Jackson’s Movie Day event is open for payments on Compass – please remember to consent and pay for this enjoyable school event in the last week of term.

November 24

Week 8 Reminders

Hi 3L,

WOW, the weeks are flying by now!

A couple of reminders for Week 8:

DENTAL VISITS – MONDAY 25th NOV. ( for those families that have chosen to participate)

FRIDAY SWIMMING – Old shorts and t-shirt required for water safety session in the pool on Friday 29th NOV (in addition to the usual bathers, cap, goggles and towel)


Each student needs to bring a shoebox or similar sized box to school for construction of their Stop Motion set.

Please make sure you have the Stop Motion Studio app loaded on your iPad.  This should have automatically loaded onto your iPad at school unless there was not enough storage.  The icon will look like this:




November 18

Week 7 – Reading Groups Links


Noun Ninja: 

How many nouns can you find within your reading?Find them all and sort them into the category of name, place, time (date/month). Then borrow some nouns from your reading to turn into a game of sentence tennis.

Sentence Tennis: In pairs, write the nouns on a piece of paper in front of you. Person A creates a sentence using one of the nouns and crosses it off the list. Person B has to continue the topic by adding another sentence using a different noun. Continue back and forth until all nouns on the list have been used. You can be as wacky as you want, but the sentences still need to flow and be grammatically correct.

November 10

Week 6 – Reminder for Swimming Sports Tomorrow/Friday Swimming

Hi 3L,

A reminder for our House Swimming Sports tomorrow at 12pm (Grade 3).  Please make sure you have your bathers, towel, cap and goggles tomorrow (and a big voice ready to cheer on your house!).

Parents:Please note that due to limited space at the pool and the short duration of the events parents are asked not to attend.


****We will still have our usual swimming class this Friday.

November 7

Week 6 – Big Talk Homework

Dear Parents and Carers,

Next week, 3L are writing a procedural text in the form of a recipe!  I need to think about the recipe I am going to write.  It could be a recipe I have made before, a family favourite or an imaginative recipe. I could even make my recipe with you before I need to write my procedure!

I need to think about what kind of information I need to include in my recipe.

The main questions I need to consider are:

  • Title
  • Ingredients
  • Numbered Steps/Method
  • Any special instructions (ie. remember to taste to check…., don’t forget to…..)

I need to talk about my ideas with as many family members as possible. A great time to do this is while we are all sitting at the table for dinner. Could we please turn off the TV and put phones away so that I can concentrate.

I would love to hear your opinions and ideas as well to help me with my ideas.

Can you give me some up-levelled V.C.O.P for my writing?

V= Vocabulary

C= Connective, words that join ideas together

O= Openers, amazing ways to start a sentence. Words that end in ‘ly’ or ‘ing’ are power openers

P= Punctuation, I will show you Kung Fu Punctuation (hand signals) to demonstrate

Thanks so much!